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Peter Sutherland – Photography

Peter Sutherland is a master of nearly all mediums.  He works with painting, sculpture, photography, and film and blends each genre into the other, creating soft overlaps that make the viewer squint and muse over what medium he is using.  Sutherland’s work is in itself a compilation of not just mediums, but places.  His work is a display of his travels, a presentation of American motifs printed over vinyl, distinct, or even rocks.  Human experiences, perspectives, and points of view are all reflected through Sutherland’s imagery.

To view more of Peter Sutherland’s work, visit: www.petersutherland.com

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Sophia O'Brien Udry

Sophia O'Brien-Udry is an intern at Creative Arts Advocate. She is a first-year student at Bard College and is studying the Written Arts. Sophia is originally from New Haven, Connecticut, and has been an avid admirer of the visual arts throughout her life.

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