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Yann Couedor – Collage Paintings

Yann Couedor describes himself as a music lover and collector, and that is undoubtedly shown through his work.  He meshes acrylic painting and collage work to produce creative portraits of musicians and movie stars.  Every piece is unique and cannot be replicated precisely. Adding text, contrasting imagery, colors, and textures, his work incorporates bits and pieces of musical context to each painting.  He looks to hip-hop music, classic movies, and pop culture icons for inspiration.  Couedor has painted portraits of pop starts including, Janet Jackson, Frank Ocean and Janelle Monae.  Each of these pieces are made alive through his color choices and definition—so much so that his art is an authentic reflection of his musical taste, aesthetic, and style.

To view to more of Yann Couedor’s art, check out: https://www.instagram.com/yanncouedor/








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Sophia O'Brien Udry

Sophia O'Brien-Udry is an intern at Creative Arts Advocate. She is a first-year student at Bard College and is studying the Written Arts. Sophia is originally from New Haven, Connecticut, and has been an avid admirer of the visual arts throughout her life.

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