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Royal Jarmon – Sculptures

Royal Jarmon has been slowly transitioning watercolor paintings into sculptures in a technique uniquely is own.  His sculptures reproduce the same color magic he worked into his watercolors, but with added unexpected elements.  They incorporate anything from swaddled tie-dyed tee shirts to crinkly American Spirit cartons.

Royal Jarmon’s transition from painting into sculpture is made literal through the progression of his work.  His piece, I’m Working It Out, features an eerie painting of a Lego man that disorients the viewer in regards to whether or not the piece is two-dimensional or three-dimensional.  He allows colors that others may judge as being incompatible to actually work together to form a brilliant, and surprising, composition.

One thing Royal Jarmon’s work is not is predictable.  He picks up strange objects, such as bungee cords, adds uncommon choices, and somehow creates smart art.

To view more of Royal Jarmon’s work, visit: www.royaljarmon.com/

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Sophia O'Brien-Udry is an intern at Creative Arts Advocate. She is a first-year student at Bard College and is studying the Written Arts. Sophia is originally from New Haven, Connecticut, and has been an avid admirer of the visual arts throughout her life.

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