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Andre Rochester – Fine Art

Written by Nerissa Staggers

From the imagery of historical black figures like Miles Davis, to the portraiture and the silhouette of human bodies, Andre Rochester masters the technique of fine art through his paintings. Judged for its beauty and meaningfulness, his art reflects afrocentricity in its highest form, with influences deriving from funk, soul, and hip-hop music.

His paintings are quite poetic, not in the sense of diction and linguistics, but in terms of expressing a visual language. It evokes emotion through imagery and shows strength, consciousness, and the pride of his subjects. He makes use of oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pastel in his paintings, which gives it such vibrancy, color, and definition.

Hailing from Hartford, Connecticut, Andre Rochester has studied at the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts and completed his BA in Studio Art at Charter Oak State College. His illustrations and paintings have been featured in books including ”The Sunflower and Rose”, written by Dana Rondel, and documentaries including “Resurrection and Forgiveness: The Nadine Lee Story”, by Filmmaker Reggie Bullock. Besides building his painting portfolio, Andre currently curates for other artists and teaches classes in his studio.

To view more of his work, visit http://www.andrerochester.com

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