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Orlando Arocena – Vector Art

Orlando Arocena is a Mexican-Cuban-American illustrator who creates vibrant vector art.  His graphics infuse modern techniques with pop culture references and traditional Latino folk art influences.  This juxtaposition crafts into original and gripping works of experimental art.  Using the program Illustrator, Arocena merges realistic images with contrasting shapes and colors that fill the entire composition.  His attention to geometry and color enables the intersection of these worlds to radiate off of each other, producing a cohesive, energetic realm.

In his recent solo exhibition, Traversing the Vector, Arocena applied his vectors to wood using a traditional hand transfer technique.  The result was striking.  Holding true to his distinctive fervor, Arocena executed a subtle and beautiful marriage between two unlikely mediums.

Along with producing independent digital art, Arocena works as a Creative Director.  Arocena’s sharp vector images have gained him fame, from sugar skull inspired vector graphics for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, to designing innovative artwork for a temperature-sensitive Jose Cuervo tequila bottle.

Through his vectors, Arocena is able to blend improbable elements and fashion a notable and smart new take on contemporary art.

To view more of Orlando Arocena’s work visit: www.mexifunk.com

Vector Tribute – DAWN of the PLANET of the APES

Vector Outline Shapes


Vector Anchor Points


Vector Linear Gradients


Detail of Vector and Anchor Points

Detail of vector and anchor points

Final Vector

Final Vector

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