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Stixz Wilson – Fashion Designer

Written by Kate Dachille

Stixz Wilson is taking things up a level – or three. Hailing from East Baltimore, specifically the Mid-town/Greenmount area (yes, the same one that Bishme Cromartie shouted out in a recent Project Runway episode), she was introduced to the arts community at an early age and never looked back. Modeling for her aunt, a seamstress, all throughout her childhood, she has developed a passion for the creative process – “I always want to be behind the scenes running the show, putting things together, so I would just sketch a lot as a kid and take random throw away clothes [to] cut and sew them into creations.” She continued to develop her skills through the years, turning her sketches into physical clothes by the time she was in high school – a task made somewhat easier by the sewing machine her grandmother bought her. “All credit really goes to my grandma,” she reflected, “for putting me into the arts early and embracing my talents.”

Flash forward to 2019 and Stixz already has several (very cool) brands and collections under her belt. But she’s not slowing down anytime soon – in fact, she’s just getting started. “Currently I am working on one, if not probably, my best collection,” she shared with us. “I’m launching my denim line 3LVL DENIM, which is a premium luxury unisex denim line. I’m in the process of constructing samples…for the first ever 3LVL drop, which will consist of 5 pieces all designed and crafted by myself and my team, ranging from denim to overalls.”  

Sneak preview of the collection.

After the launch, “our main focus will be pushing the narrative to the people. Our goal is to make unisex denim the next wave, breaking guidelines and norms within society and fashion.” But it’s not just pushing external boundaries that motivates Stixz – it’s just as much a personal push to try new and different designs. “[C]rafting items that challenge me brings me more excitement,” and it shows in all her pieces.

For those out there with similar dreams of becoming a fashion designer, Stixz has some advice: “Anyone starting out I tell them all the same, have a vision, have a purpose and see it through. Never compromise your vision for anyone or anything. Make them change their opinions, but never change your mission.” Seriously, this girl is going places.

Be sure to check out the new collection here and let us know your thoughts below.

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