Creative Arts Advocate is a site that inspires innovation through creative expression and educates artists on business and legal affairs affecting the creative community.

 Who We Are

We are not only advocates with law degrees, but we are also artists in our own rights. Many of our contributors have creative outlets in fashion design, sewing, photography, music, or painting to name a few. Some are entrepreneurs, developing new ideas, launching businesses, and improving our crafts. We each have a unique appreciation for the arts, which is evident in our careers, activities, and lifestyles. Thus, combining our legal knowledge with the creative arts is a natural merger. We are Creative Arts Advocates!

Our mission is to Create. Innovate. Advocate.


To promote and inspire creativity through every form of artistry.


To encourage and showcase the development of new inventions that are useful and progressive.


To simplify the law as it relates to the arts and sciences and to address topics that protect the interests of the artist.

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